How do I Install the Exact Visitor Tracking Code on My Wix website?

Install Exact Visitor tracking script for Wix

Shirley Jackson
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In order to install ExactVisitor code on your Wix website, you will need to use Wix’s App Market to add a HTML widget to your webpage

  • Log into your Wix account

  • Click on Settings and then Tracking & Analytics (see image)

  • Click on New Tool

  • Select Custom

  • Paste the script (click here for tracking code) into the box titled Paste the code snippet here

  • Provide the Custom Code a name (e.g. exactvisitortracking)

  • In the section Add Code to Pages select Load code on each new page from the dropdown within the All pages part

  • Choose you want the javascript to be placed in the Head. This should generally ensure that the javascript triggers consistently

  • Now click on Apply

*It can take up to 24h after you install the tracking script to start collecting leads depending on your website traffic.

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