How to add more websites to your Account

How to use the agency version or add more websites to Exact Visitor

Shirley Jackson
Written by Shirley JacksonLast update 3 years ago

Welcome to the Agency Version or ability to add more websites to track on your account.

To get started make sure your plan has access to more than one domain/website to be tracked to have access to the agency version.

If so here we go 🙂

Click on the top left header to add a new website/account

After that you have activated your "Sub accounts" / Extra websites" you can use them as secondary accounts and switch as admin in one click between them by choosing the website name. Each sub account acts as a different Exact Visitor Account.

In sub accounts you can invite your clients to have access to that account only, by changing to the account in the menu, go to this link after and invite them. 

Also sub accounts need to have setup new integrations Such as Slack for alerts for their account (giving ability to send alerts to a different channel or your customer channel in real time) you can set up integrations in the same link once you choose a sub account

The "agency/multiple website" version enables you to move around accounts in just on click in the dropdown, simple and easy...

If question his out support team on the chat down to the right 🙂 

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